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AMA Sports Marketing & Sponsorship SIG at the European Marketing Academy 44th Annual Conference, Leuven, Belgium, 26-29 May 2015;SIG deadline 3 Nov

European Marketing Academy 2015 Special Interest Group: Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Sponsorship of sports is an established marketing platform that has been the focus of hundreds of research papers to date. Still many areas such as measurement and integration are under researched. Additionally, the field is in need of a strong sponsorship research narrative and a coherent body of theoretical knowledge. The importance of understanding the sponsorship platform cannot be overstated. IEG projects $40.4 billion in global sports sponsorship spending in 2014, up $8.8 billion over the past five years, and more than double what it was a decade ago. Global marketers have increased overall sponsorship spending to 23% of their budgets (compared to 16% a decade ago), with approximately 70% of those dollars earmarked for sports.

Topics particularly relevant to the special interest group include:


  • Corporate sponsorship measurement
  • Brand image development via sponsorship
  • Return on Investment/Objectives in activation/leveraging
  • Sponsorship as a form of project finance (and other cross-disciplinary topics)
  • Sponsorship portfolios
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship
  • Social Media and Sponsorship
  • International Aspects of Sponsorship Research
  • Activation: Tactics for groundbreaking activation
  • Value creation: How to enhance sponsorship offer
  • Thought leadership: Best practices from industry groundbreakers
  • Ambushing, IP infringement and threats to ROI
  • Sponsorship as strategic collaboration, competitive advantage and distinctive competence
  • Global (not just international) aspects of sponsorship
  • Conceptualization, implementation and management of activation
  • Creativity and innovation in sponsorship

Deadline for submission of papers: November 3, 2014; Notification of acceptance for presentation: December 2, 2014

Requirements for submission: Each submission should contain a 500-1000 word abstract that starts with the title of the paper and the names and affiliations of the authors. In addition you must include an alphabetical list of references, following the same guidelines as for paper submissions. The submission must be single spaced, and use Times New Roman Font size 12 point, with 1.50 cm margins.

Questions & Submissions should be direct to Special Interest Group Co Chairs: `

Darin W. White, Ph.D.; Chair, American Marketing Association Sports Marketing SIG
Professor of Marketing & Sports Marketing Program Coordinator; Brock School of Business at Samford University Twitter: @Sports_Biz_Prof

Simon Chadwick, Ph.D.; Chair in Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University Business School
Founder and Director of CIBS (Centre for the International Business of Sport) Twitter: @Prof_Chadwick

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