TOC: Soc Bus


Social Business, 4(2)

Editorial: Social Business Conference Papers
Baker, Michael J. [Publisher]

Kibbutzim: Is this system an alternative to the status quo?
Tozer, Ayhan; Baraz, A. Baris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business school as an initiator of the transformation to sustainability: A content analysis for business schools in PRME
Arac, Selin Koksal; Madran, Canan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of materialism and religious values on attitudes towards cause-related marketing
Erdogan, B. Zafer; Torun, Tolga; Gonulluoglu, Sevgi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The perception of institutionalisation of ethics and quality of work-life: The perspective of Turkish managers
Torlak, Omer; Tiltay, Muhammet Ali; Ozkara, Behcet Yalin; Dogan, Volkan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]