TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107(4

Boring but important: A self-transcendent purpose for learning fosters academic self-regulation.
Yeager, David S.; Henderson, Marlone D.; Paunesku, David; Walton, Gregory M.; D’Mello, Sidney; Spitzer, Brian J.; Duckworth, Angela Lee

How group-based emotions are shaped by collective emotions: Evidence for emotional transfer and emotional burden.
Goldenberg, Amit; Saguy, Tamar; Halperin, Eran

Changing theories of change: Strategic shifting in implicit theory endorsement.
Leith, Scott A.; Ward, Cindy L. P.; Giacomin, Miranda; Landau, Enoch S.; Ehrlinger, Joyce; Wilson, Anne E.

Sense of control under uncertainty depends on people’s childhood environment: A life history theory approach.
Mittal, Chiraag; Griskevicius, Vladas

Accuracy and bias in self-perceptions of responsive behavior: Implications for security in romantic relationships.
Lemay Jr., Edward P.

The psychology of coordination and common knowledge.
Thomas, Kyle A.; DeScioli, Peter; Haque, Omar Sultan; Pinker, Steven

The Situational Eight DIAMONDS: A taxonomy of major dimensions of situation characteristics.
Rauthmann, John F.; Gallardo-Pujol, David; Guillaume, Esther M.; Todd, Elysia; Nave, Christopher S.; Sherman, Ryne A.; Ziegler, Matthias; Jones, Ashley Bell; Funder, David C.

Trusting others: The polarization effect of need for closure.
Acar-Burkay, Sinem; Fennis, Bob M.; Warlop, Luk

Mean-level personality development across childhood and adolescence: A temporary defiance of the maturity principle and bidirectional associations with parenting.
Van den Akker, Alithe L.; Dekovic, Maja; Asscher, Jessica; Prinzie, Peter

Mutual reinforcement between neuroticism and life experiences: A five-wave, 16-year study to test reciprocal causation.
Jeronimus, Bertus F.; Riese, Harriëtte; Sanderman, Robbert; Ormel, Johan