Analytics in Decision Sciences


Decision Sciences will have a new section devoted to Analytics with Area editor Mike Hardin

Got Analytics?

Colleagues – for those of you excelling at Analytics, no doubt you have been looking for a premier ranked Journal in which to showcase your best efforts.

That journal is the new Decision Sciences. I take office as Editor on January 1, but we’ve decided to go ahead with the vision of DSI 2.0 right away, and we invite your very best work on Analytics now. Part of our vision is a new section of the Journal devoted to Analytics, headed up by Eminent Area Editor Mike Hardin. Mike is Dean of the Culverhouse College of Commerce at Alabama, and is a noted consultant and trainer with the SAS Institute on Analytics. There’s no need to wait for the first of the year; we want your Analytics work now!

As part of the strategic retasking of the Decision Sciences Institute toward the growing and expanded needs and interests of its constituencies (DSI 2.0), the Decision Sciences Journal has retargeted itself to a broader range of high-quality quantitative research focused on managerial decisions in all functional aspects of business. In modern workplace decision making, this typically will involve use of very large data systems and highly sophisticated analytic algorithms and methods, hence, the need for a specifically-focused publication for the needs of the Analytics researcher. The new Decision Sciences. What better venue for Analytics research than the premier business research journal focused on the topic of managerial decision making?

Decision Sciences is a premier level business research journal focused on top quality methodological examination of the problems facing managers in modern workplaces. As part of this, we welcome inquiry from colleagues in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain and Technology. But, specifically, we hope to see plenty of submissions from researchers skilled in the area of Analytics.

Watch our pages! Coming soon will be another Journal section dedicated to overviews of methodological Best Practices, headed up by Eminent Area Editor Ramesh Sharda.

And, as we always have, we welcome your best work in the areas of information technology, operations and supply chain management, too. The new Decision Sciences; check it out today! I’m happy to field your inquiries for submission possibilities or review and service roles, at

With regards,

Tom Stafford
Decision Sciences