TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 60(9)

Are Consumers Strategic? Structural Estimation from the Air-Travel Industry
Jun Li, Nelson Granados, and Serguei Netessine

Crowdsourcing New Product Ideas Under Consumer Learning
Yan Huang, Param Vir Singh, and Kannan Srinivasan

Should Event Organizers Prevent Resale of Tickets?
Yao Cui, Izak Duenyas, and Özge Sahin

Commissions and Sales Targets Under Competition
Guillermo Gallego and Masoud Talebian

Contracts, Biases, and Consumption of Access Services
Stephen Leider and Özge Sahin

Environmental Externalities and Cost of Capital
Sudheer Chava

Nonlinear Kalman Filtering in Affine Term Structure Models
Peter Christoffersen, Christian Dorion, Kris Jacobs, and Lotfi Karoui

What Do Credit Markets Tell Us About the Speed of Leverage Adjustment?
Redouane Elkamhi, Raunaq S. Pungaliya, and Anand M. Vijh

Optimal Credit Swap Portfolios
Kay Giesecke, Baeho Kim, Jack Kim, and Gerry Tsoukalas

Financing and Investment Efficiency, Information Quality, and Accounting Biases
Lin Nan and Xiaoyan Wen

Does Short Selling Amplify Price Declines or Align Stocks with Their Fundamental Values?
Asher Curtis and Neil L. Fargher

Friendships and Search Behavior in Labor Markets
Adina D. Sterling

Does Social Proximity Enhance Business Partnerships? Theory and Evidence from Ethnicity’s Role in U.S. Venture Capital
Deepak Hegde and Justin Tumlinson