TOC: Intl Bus Rev


Internatinonal Business Review, 23(6)

Special Section: Internationalization of financial services in turbulent markets; Guest Editors: Lars Engwall and Amjad Hadjikhani

Internationalization of financial services in turbulent markets
Lars Engwall, Amjad Hadjikhani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization of Korean banks during crises: The network view of learning and commitment
Joong-Woo Lee, Hong Sun Song, Jooyoung Kwak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tit for tat and big steps: The case of Swedish banks’ internationalization 1961–2010
Peter Ekman, Annoch Isa Hadjikhani, Andreas Pajuvirta, Peter Thilenius [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the discursive contest of an international M&A relationship development process within financial services
Sabine Gebert Persson, Heléne Lundberg, Jörgen Elbe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling firm specific internationalization risk: An application to banks’ risk assessment in lending to firms that do international business
Kent Eriksson, Sara Jonsson, Jessica Lindbergh, Angelika Lindstrand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit lender–borrower relationship in the credit card market – Implications for credit risk management strategy and relationship marketing
Joon-Hee Oh, Wesley J. Johnston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resilience: Lessons from banks that have braved the economic crisis—And from those that have not
Gideon M. Markman, Markus Venzin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Papers

Foreign market entry mode choice of small and medium-sized enterprises: A systematic review and future research agenda
Katharina Laufs, Christian Schwens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A process leading to strategic alliance outcome: The case of IT companies in China, Japan and Korea
Inwon Kang, Shin Han, Geon-Cheol Shin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social ties and venture creation by returnee entrepreneurs
Sarika Pruthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovativeness, offshoring and black economy decisions. Evidence from Italian manufacturing firms
Vito Amendolagine, Rosa Capolupo, Giovanni Ferri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cross-national investigation of IPO activity: The role of formal institutions and national culture
Krista B. Lewellyn, Shuji ‘Rosey’ Bao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pay-for-performance – Does one size fit all? A multi-country study of Europe and the United States
Alexander Hüttenbrink, Jana Oehmichen, Marc Steffen Rapp, Michael Wolff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate entrepreneurship, customer-oriented selling, absorptive capacity, and international sales performance in the international B2B setting: Conceptual framework and research propositions
Rajshekhar G. Javalgi, Kenneth D. Hall, S. Tamer Cavusgil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese values and negotiation behaviour: A bargaining experiment
Swee-Hoon Chuah, Robert Hoffmann, Jeremy Larner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of the cross-border supplier development process: Problems and implications in an emerging economy
Zaheer Khan, John D. Nicholson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

EU-Asia and the Re-Polarization of the Global Economic Arena2012World Scientific588 pp., ISBN: 13: 978-981-4366-52-6, ISBN: 10: 981-4366-52-8
Marjan Svetlicic [Publisher]