TOC: Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 26(4)

Can a socially responsible casino better retain its management staff? From an internal customer perspective
Matthew Liu IpKin Anthony Wong Rongwei Chu Guicheng James Shi James L. Brock Ting-Hsiang Tseng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of customer satisfaction, perceived value, corporate image and service quality on behavioral intentions in gaming establishments
Hung-Che Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Roles of trust on rapport and satisfaction in services
Johra Kayeser Fatima Mohammed Abdur Razzaque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating determinants of youth’s intentions of seeking microcredit in the post-conflict era
Charles Jebarajakirthy Antonio C. Lobo Chandana Hewege [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate rebranding and brand preference: Brand name attitude and product expertise as moderators
Angelina Nhat Hanh Le Julian Ming Sung Cheng Hadi Kuntjara Christy Ting-Jun Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employees’ organisational commitment and its impact on their actual turnover behaviour through behavioural intentions
Gurjeet Kaur Sahi Rupali Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

TV food advertising aimed at children: qualitative study of Pakistani fathers’ views
Muhammad Kashif Mubashir Ayyaz Sara Basharat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Phau Ian [Publisher]