Revisit: Common Method Bias


Amit Poddar renews his call for file drawer (or published) papers for which the data set exhibited common method bias

Dear Marketing Colleagues,

This is a reposting of a request I made two weeks ago. I had requested for any papers or manuscripts (survey research based) where you had found common method bias. I really need your help to quantify the extent of the problem. Since we all test for it while submitting survey based research. I am sure you have found the problem in your data sets at some time.

I promise anonymity to the everyone who responds and no papers/manuscripts/authors would ever be named in the research. All data would be reported in the aggregate.

Looking forward to your support.


Dear fellow marketing colleagues,

I am doing some research on the extent of common method bias in the marketing area. As you might have noticed there are very papers that have common method bias in the data and get published. so I assume there might be a "file drawer" problem. I am trying to quantity the extent of this file drawer problem and therefore need your help.

Please classify your paper in one of the following categories.

You wrote a paper that during analysis

  1. Had common method bias and got published despite the problem (was mentioned in the limitation section/Not mentioned in the limitation section)
  2. Had common method bias and you were able to CORRECT it using statistical techniques and Got published.
  3. Had common method bias and got Rejected. (never published)
  4. Had common method bias and you did not submit to any journal. (never published)

For category 1& 2, just sending the citation would be enough (although if you can send me a copy of the paper that would make life a little easier and would be greatly appreciated). for category three and four, I would request you to send me the title of the unpublished manuscript and also a copy.

I thank you in advance for your help.

with Regards

Amit Poddar

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