TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 35(10)

Theory in strategic management
Richard A. Bettis, Alfonso Gambardella, Constance Helfat and Will Mitchell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Confounding changes in averages with marginal effects: How anchoring can destroy economic value in strategic investment assessments
Zur Shapira and J. Myles Shaver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using users: When does external knowledge enhance corporate product innovation?
Aaron K. Chatterji and Kira R. Fabrizio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do analysts add value when they most can? Evidence from corporate spin-offs
Emilie R. Feldman, Stuart C. Gilson and Belén Villalonga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm litigation risk and the insurance value of corporate social performance
Ping-Sheng Koh, Cuili Qian and Heli Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Good learners: How top management teams affect the success and frequency of acquisitions
Anna Nadolska and Harry G. Barkema [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing contracts for fairness in buyer–supplier exchanges
Laura Poppo and Kevin Zheng Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The harder they fall, the faster they rise: Approach and avoidance focus in narcissistic CEOs
Pankaj C. Patel and Danielle Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Models of causal inference: Imperfect but applicable is better than perfect but inapplicable
Florian Ellsaesser, Eric W. K. Tsang and Jochen Runde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Independent boards and the institutional investors that prefer them: Drivers of institutional investor heterogeneity in governance preferences
Karen Schnatterly and Scott G. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comment on “fishing for sharks: Partner selection in biopharmaceutical R&D alliances” by diestre and rajagopalan
Richard Mason and Donald L. Drakeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Response to mason and drakeman’s commentary on “fishing for sharks: Partner selection in biopharmaceutical R&D alliances”
Luis Diestre and Nandini Rajagopalan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]