TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 31(4)

Receptivity of young Chinese to American and global brands: psychological underpinnings
Steven Lysonski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer segments in organic foods market
V. Aslihan Nasir , Fahri Karakaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Musical intelligence: explication, measurement, and implications for consumer behavior
Vijaykumar Krishnan , Karen A. Machleit , James J. Kellaris , Ursula Y. Sullivan , Timothy W. Aurand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How consumers’ use of brand vs attribute information evolves over time
Randle D. Raggio , Robert P. Leone , William C. Black [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond private label panache: the effect of store image and perceived price on brand prestige
Justin Beneke , Natalia Zimmerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extended self: implications for country-of-origin
Annie Peng Cui , M. Paula Fitzgerald , Karen Russo Donovan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The pragmatic importance of theory for marketing practice
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adland: A Global History of Advertising
Nancy Furlow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Most Powerful Brand on Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media
Francisco Conejo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neuromarketing For Dummies
Sharad Agarwal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lifestyle Brands: A Guide to Aspirational Marketing
Joyce M. Wolburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]