TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 123(1)

A Native American Relational Ethic: An Indigenous Perspective on Teaching Human Responsibility
Amy Klemm Verbos & Maria Humphries [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Value Chains: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?
Peter Lund-Thomsen & Adam Lindgreen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Insights into Ethical Leadership: A Qualitative Investigation of the Experiences of Executive Ethical Leaders
Colina Frisch & Markus Huppenbauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dilemma of Accountability for Professionals: A Challenge for Mainstream Management Theories
Maliheh Mansouri & Julie I. Adair Rowney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Person–Organization Fit on Prosocial Identity: Implications on Employee Outcomes
Jongseok Cha, Young Kyun Chang & Tae-Yeol Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feel Good, Do-Good!? On Consistency and Compensation in Moral Self-Regulation
Anne Joosten, Marius Dijke, Alain Hiel & David Cremer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Means to Justify the End: Combating Cyber Harassment in Social Media
Tom Laer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leadership, Pragmatism and Grace: A Review
Mike Thomas & Caroline Rowland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Cognitive and Affective Trust-Based Mechanisms Underlying the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Organisational Citizenship: A Case of the Head Leading the Heart?
Alexander Newman, Kohyar Kiazad, Qing Miao & Brian Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Culture, Gender, and GMAT Scores: Implications for Corporate Ethics
Raj Aggarwal, Joanne E. Goodell & John W. Goodell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Placebogenic Potential is no Reason to Favour Pharmaceutical Advertising
Paul Biegler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s Worse in Times of Product-Harm Crisis? Negative Corporate Ability or Negative CSR Reputation?
Sora Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]