Social Media Marketing Exercises


Mike Solomon and Tracy Tuten seek engaging activities and exercises that can be used with their text Social Media Marketing

Do you have great ideas to teach Social Media Marketing? Please join our community of marketing and advertising professors who have a passion to engage our students in this important subject.

My coauthor Tracy Tuten and I are now revising our textbook, Social Media Marketing (2/e). It will be published by SAGE next year. We would love for you to share activities and exercises you use to teach the course. We will share these (with attribution of course) with the rest of our faculty community. Our plan is to post these on our website and possibly in the book’s Instructor’s Manual. Unless you direct otherwise, we will credit submissions with your name and institutional affiliation.

If you choose to submit an activity, please provide instructions to students and faculty to be sure everyone uses it correctly. A grading rubric is also great if you use one.

And, please tag the submission in terms of where it applies in the course.

These tags include

  • Foundations (theory/conceptual)
  • Measurement (analytics, ROI, etc.)

Or, if the exercise relates to a content area please tag it according to our Four Zones of Social Media framework. This is the typology we use to organize our discussion of the many and varied social media platforms out there. This conceptual framework enables us to account for current platforms as well as new ones that appear almost daily.

These zones include:

  1. Community (e.g., Facebook)
  2. Publishing (e.g., Tumblr)
  3. Commerce (e.g., Groupon)
  4. Entertainment (e.g., World of Warcraft)

Whether or not you contribute one or more exercises, you can find plenty of suggestions from colleagues and us (along with news feeds about social media updated daily) at

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the teaching of social media marketing!


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