TOC: European Man J


European Management Journal, 32(5)

Reflections on the distinctiveness of European management scholarship
Robert Chia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Follower reactions to leader trust violations: A grounded theory of violation types, likelihood of recovery, and recovery process
Steven L. Grover, Markus C. Hasel, Caroline Manville, Carolina Serrano-Archimi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can a team have too much cohesion? The dark side to network density
Sean Wise [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The multifaceted nature of social practices: A review of the perspectives on practice-based theory building about organizations
Zeynep Erden, Andreas Schneider, Georg von Krogh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of materiality: Knowing through objects in work practice
Ching-Fang Lee, Mansour Amjadi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making sense of conflicting empirical findings: A meta-analytic review of the relationship between corporate environmental and financial performance
Jan Endrikat, Edeltraud Guenther, Holger Hoppe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Short-term international assignments. Military perspectives and implications for international human resource management
Marian Crowley-Henry, Graham Heaslip [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial Orientation in low- and medium-tech industries: The need for Absorptive Capacity to increase performance
Salvatore Sciascia, Laura D’Oria, Massimiliano Bruni, Bárbara Larrañeta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management’s causal reasoning on performance and earnings management
Walter Aerts, Shuyu Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender differences in entrepreneurial intentions: A TPB multi-group analysis at factor and indicator level
Johan Maes, Hannes Leroy, Luc Sels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation in the formative years: Evidence from small enterprises in Europe
YoungJun Kim, Nicholas S. Vonortas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Biopharmaceutical and chemical firms’ R&D disclosure, and cost of equity: The impact of the regulatory regime
Fabio La Rosa, Giovanni Liberatore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management Focus "Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Management: The European Scenario" Sustainable fashion supply chain management: the European scenario
Tsan-Ming Choi, Chun-Hung Chiu, Kannan Govindan, Xiaohang Yue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Governance of sustainable supply chains in the fast fashion industry
Yongjian Li, Xiukun Zhao, Dan Shi, Xiang Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainable supply chain management in the fast fashion industry: An analysis of corporate reports
Duygu Turker, Ceren Altuntas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]