TOC: Corp Rep Rev


Corporate Reputation Review, 17(3)

The Repeat-Purchase Contract Enforcement Role of Business News
Xiaoqun Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Agenda Setting: Salient Attributes in the Cultural Domain
Philemon Bantimaroudis and Stelios C Zyglidopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Perception of CSR: Modeling Psychological Motivators
Thomas S Mueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mass-Media-based Corporate Reputation and Firms/’ Market Valuation – Evidence from Emerging Markets
Arpita Agnihotri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Being Known: A Literature Review on Media Visibility, Public Prominence and Familiarity with Implications for Reputation Research and Management
Simone Mariconda and Francesco Lurati [Publisher] [Google Scholar]