TOC: Technovation


Technovation, 34(9)

Special Issue on Technology Service Convergence (Guest Edited by Yuan-Chieh Chang, Ian Miles, Shih-Chang Hung)

Introduction to special issue: Managing technology-service convergence in Service Economy 3.0
Yuan-Chieh Chang, Ian Miles, Shih-Chang Hung [Publisher]

MOT in transition: From technology fusion to technology-service convergence
Fumio Kodama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business concepts of systemic service innovations in e-Healthcare
Shin-Horng Chen, Pei-Chang Wen, Chih-Kai Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The business model dilemma of technology shifts
Stefan Tongur, Mats Engwall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Papers

Towards a holistic enterprise innovation performance measurement system
Vikas Dewangan, Manish Godse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patent indicators for macroeconomic growth—the value of patents estimated by export volume
Rainer Frietsch, Peter Neuhäusler, Taehyun Jung, Bart Van Looy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A systematic way of identifying and forecasting technological reverse salients using QFD, bibliometrics, and trend impact analysis: A carbon nanotube biosensor case
Kyunam Han, Juneseuk Shin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]