TOC: J Econ Psych


Journal of Economic Psychology, 43

The life and work of Folke Ölander (1935–2013)
Stephen Lea, W. Fred van Raaij, John Thøgersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The pric(z)e of hard work: Different incentive effects of non-monetary and monetary prizes
Andrea Hammermann, Alwine Mohnen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing trust: First impressions and experience
Michael Yu, Muniba Saleem, Cleotilde Gonzalez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time preference before and after a risky activity – A field experiment
Tal Shavit, Mosi Rosenboim, Yaniv Shani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"A 20% income increase for everyone?": The effect of relative increases in income on perceived income inequality
Christophe Lembregts, Mario Pandelaere [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are Italian consumer confidence adjustments asymmetric? A macroeconomic and psychological motives approach
Antonio Paradiso, Saten Kumar, Patrizia Margani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relationship between objective and subjective wealth is moderated by financial control and mediated by money anxiety
Agata Gasiorowska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An empirical test of competing hypotheses for the annuity puzzle
Michael Goedde-Menke, Moritz Lehmensiek-Starke, Sven Nolte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of information form and domain-specific knowledge on choice deferral
Jens Lange, Barbara Krahé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How many pennies for your pain? Willingness to compensate as a function of expected future interaction and intentionality feedback
Pieter T.M. Desmet, Joost M. Leunissen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]