TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 60(7)

Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman

When Kerry Met Sally: Politics and Perceptions in the Demand for Movies
Jason M. T. Roos and Ron Shachar

Examining the Impact of Ranking on Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Revenue
Anindya Ghose, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, and Beibei Li

The Ability of Global Stock Exchange Mechanisms to Mitigate Home Bias: Evidence from Euronext
Grace Pownall, Maria Vulcheva, and Xue Wang

Diasporas and Outsourcing: Evidence from oDesk and India
Ejaz Ghani, William R. Kerr, and Christopher Stanton

Integration and Productivity: Satellite-Tracked Evidence
Gabriel Natividad

Split-Award Auctions for Supplier Retention
Aadhaar Chaturvedi, Damian R. Beil, and Victor Martínez-de-Albéniz

Mobile Targeting
Xueming Luo, Michelle Andrews, Zheng Fang, and Chee Wei Phang

Wallflowers: Experimental Evidence of an Aversion to Standing Out
Daniel Jones and Sera Linardi

Forecasting the Equity Risk Premium: The Role of Technical Indicators
Christopher J. Neely, David E. Rapach, Jun Tu, and Guofu Zhou

Christian Borgs, Ozan Candogan, Jennifer Chayes, Ilan Lobel, and Hamid Nazerzadeh
Optimal Multiperiod Pricing with Service Guarantees

The Judgment of Garbage: End-of-Pipe Treatment and Waste Reduction
Nilanjana Dutt and Andrew A. King

Targeted Advertising in Magazine Markets and the Advent of the Internet
Ambarish Chandra and Ulrich Kaiser

Eliciting Prospect Theory When Consequences Are Measured in Time Units: “Time Is Not Money”
Mohammed Abdellaoui and Emmanuel Kemel