TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 43(5)

Letter from the Editor
Peter J. LaPlaca

Institutional theory in business marketing: A conceptual framework and future directionsOriginal Research Article
Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su

Fields of opportunity: How marketers design the transaction game with transaction field mapsOriginal Research Article
Jeffrey P. Wallman

Interacting effects of uncertainties and institutional forces on information sharing in marketing channelsOriginal Research Article
Fang Jia, Shaohan Cai, Shen Xu

Resolving contradictions in institutional demands through loose couplingOriginal Research Article
Joshua D. Newton, Michael T. Ewing, Paul M. Collier

The timing of market entry and firm performance: A perspective of institutional theoryOriginal Research Article
Yongqiang Li, Ji Li, Zhenyao Cai

Institutional life of intuitive insights: Legitimacy of virtuoso intuitive marketing managementOriginal Research Article
Markus Vanharanta, Ronika Chakrabarti, Phoebe Wong

Study of country-of-origin image from legitimacy theory perspective: Evidence from the USA and IndiaOriginal Research Article
Tao Wang, Ling Zhou, Yupeng Mou, Jing Zhao

Asset specificity and complementarity and MNE ownership strategies: The role of institutional distancesOriginal Research Article
Yuanyuan Zhang, Weiguo Zhong, Na Wen, Dequan Jiang

The influence of formal and informal sales controls on customer-directed selling behaviors and sales unit effectivenessOriginal Research Article
Paolo Guenzi, Artur Baldauf, Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos

Mapping the perspectives of coopetition and technology-based strategic networks: A case of smartphonesOriginal Research Article
Rauno Rusko

Interplay between internal investment and alliance specialization in R&D and marketingOriginal Research Article
Jongkuk Lee, Young Bong Chang

“I think I can…I think I can”: The impact of perceived selling efficacy and deal disclosure on salesperson escalation of commitmentOriginal Research Article
Leff Bonney, Christopher R. Plouffe, Jeremy Wolter

Purchasing professional services: A transaction cost view of the antecedents and consequences of purchasing formalizationOriginal Research Article
Frida Pemer, Andreas Werr, Mattia Bianchi

Legitimacy building strategies in conditions of discretionary legal enforcement: A logic of social action approachOriginal Research Article
Cristian Chelariu, Daniel C. Bello, David I. Gilliland

Achieving new product success via the synchronization of exploration and exploitation across multiple levels and functional areasOriginal Research Article
Aron O’Cass, Nima Heirati, Liem Viet Ngo

Should tweets differ for B2B and B2C? An analysis of Fortune 500 companies’ Twitter communicationsOriginal Research Article
Kunal Swani, Brian P. Brown, George R. Milne