MASSIG Lifetime Achievement


The AMA Marketing and Society SIG has awarded its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award to Debra L. Scammon

The AMA “Marketing and Society Special Interest Group” is proud to announce:

— The 2014 “Marketing and Society Lifetime Achievement Award” is awarded to:

Debra L. Scammon!

Debra  Scammon

— Debra L. Scammon is the Emma Eccles Jones Professor of Marketing at the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah. In addition to her research contributions and award-winning teaching, she has provided years of service in administrative positions, and today is also serving as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and as Director of the Master of Healthcare Administration program . Her PhD is from UCLA: in her doctoral dissertation she evaluated the FTC’s proposal for disclosing nutritional information to consumers. She later returned to the FTC as an in-house consultant, working on two major initiatives – the Children’s Advertising Rule and the Food Advertising Rule – and on the Consumer Information Remedies Task Force. Debra also served as Editor of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPPM) from 1996-1998, and has been an Editorial Board Member since this journal’s inception in 1982. She was also the organizing co-chair of the first Marketing and Public Policy Doctoral Consortium in 2004, and has continued her involvement in this bi-annual event held prior to the Marketing and Public Policy Conference. Debbie’s current research interests are in marketing and public policy; social marketing; health care marketing; and health care policy, where she has recently been working with a number of major research grant projects. She has published numerous articles in a range of journals spanning public health in addition to marketing, including especially the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Consumer Research. Our sincere congratulations to Debra Scammon, a fine person, a fine scholar, and a leader in our field!

— The MASSIG Lifetime Achievement Awards have been guided by and supported from their inception by Professors O.C. and Linda Ferrell, who deserve thanks from all of us for their fine efforts. The judging panel for this year consisted of past award winners – Alan Andreasen, Paul Bloom, Patrick Murphy, Gene Laczniak, and Ronald Hill. Professors Ferrell will be running the judging for the 2015 award… Please now be thinking of a worthy person to nominate for next year, and reach out to them with your ideas.