TOC: Intl Rev Pub Nonprofit Mar


International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 11(2)

Investigating the effect of message framing on parents’ engagement with advertisements promoting child physical activity
Jocelyn W. Jarvis, Heather L. Gainforth & Amy E. Latimer-Cheung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advancing use of norms for social marketing: extending the theory of normative social behavior
Amanda Mabry & Michael Mackert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessment of social marketing education, training, and application in public health settings
Brian J. Biroscak, R. Craig Lefebvre, Tali Schneider, Robert J. Marshall, Robert J. McDermott & Carol A. Bryant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social marketing and healthy eating: findings from young people in Greece
Ariadne Beatrice Kapetanaki, David Ross Brennan & Martin Caraher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]