TOC: Qual Mar Res Intl J


Qualitative Market Research An International Journal, 17(3)

Fashion globally: A cross-cultural and generational examination
Jie G. Fowler, Timothy H. Reisenwitz, Aubrey R. Fowler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The consumption experience of Tim Hortons’ coffee fans
André Richelieu, Bernard Korai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotions in supermarket brand choice: A multi-method approach
Daniela Spanjaard, Louise Young, Lynne Freeman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A taste of nostalgia: Links between nostalgia and food consumption
Alexandra Vignolles, Paul-Emmanuel Pichon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social marketing to improve healthy dietary decisions: Insights from a qualitative study in Mexico
Lorena Carrete, Pilar Arroyo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchasing behavior of consumers for foreign medical services: An approach using the soft laddering method
Loick Menvielle, William Menvielle, Nadine Tournois [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media for developing health services
Hatem Bugshan, M. Nick Hajli, Xiaolin Lin, Mauricio Featherman, Ivan Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]