TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 57(3)

Climate Change and Management
Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Simon J. Buckle, Brian J. Hoskins, and Gerard George [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Interviewers Sell Themselves Short? The Effects of Selling Orientation on Interviewers’ Judgments
Jennifer Carson Marr and Dan M. Cable [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CEO Career Variety: Effects on Firm-Level Strategic and Social Novelty
Craig Crossland, Jinyong Zyung, Nathan J. Hiller, and Donald C. Hambrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It’s Not Fair … Or Is It? The Role of Justice and Leadership in Explaining Work Stressor-Job Performance Relationships
Yiwen Zhang, Jeffery A. LePine, Brooke R. Buckman, and Feng Wei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

FDI Spillovers Over Time in an Emerging Market: The Roles of Entry Tenure and Barriers to Imitation
Yan "Anthea" Zhang, Yu Li, and Haiyang Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conscience without Cognition: The Effects of Subconscious Priming on Ethical Behavior
David T. Welsh and Lisa D. Ordonez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

With or Without You: When Does Managerial Exit Matter for the Dissolution of Dyadic Market Ties?
Joseph P. Broschak and Emily S. Block [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Capital Flows: Using Context-Emergent Turnover (CET) Theory to Explore the Process by Which Turnover, Hiring, and Job Demands Affect Patient Satisfaction
Greg Reilly, Anthony J. Nyberg, Mark Maltarich, and Ingo Weller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Directors’ Prior Experience with Other Demographically Similar CEOs Affects Their Appointments onto Corporate Boards and the Consequences for CEO Compensation
David H. Zhu and James D. Westphal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Organizations Foster the Creative Use of Resources
Scott Sonenshein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managers and Analysts: An Examination of Mutual Influence
Mark Washburn and Philip Bromiley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Social-Structural Perspective on Employee-Organization Relationships and Team Creativity
Liangding Jia, Jason D. Shaw, Anne S. Tsui, and Tae-Youn Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"Defining What We Do–All Over Again": Occupational Identity, Technological Change, and the Librarian/Internet-Search Relationship
Andrew J. Nelson and Jennifer Irwin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]