Marketing Analytics in a Data-Rich Environment


A Marketing Science Institute event, San Francisco, 31 Jul-1 Aug 2014


San Francisco July 31-August 1 (prior to AMA Summer Educators Conference)

Sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI)

This 1½-day MSI conference about the evolving world of marketing analytics will offer up-to-the-minute perspectives from top academics and marketing leaders. Attendees will see just-emerging applications of analytics and hear about new ways to harness real-time data to better-understand customers and improve decision making. This will be a useful event for anyone currently teaching marketing, insights, and/or marketing analytics who aims to stay relevant in today’s data-rich world.

Speakers include Will Bullock, Facebook Inc.; Martyn J. Crook, Kimberly-Clark Corporation; Jeanne Harris, Accenture Institute for High Performance; Brandon Paris, General Mills, Inc.; Joseph Puthussery, Cisco Systems, Inc.; Xueming Luo, Temple University; Carl F. Mela, Duke University; Sanjog Misra, UCLA; Scott A. Neslin, Dartmouth College; David A. Schweidel, Emory University.

Speakers will address questions including:

  • What are the opportunities and pitfalls of decentralized data access?
  • What do marketers need to know about emerging uses of unstructured data and predictive modeling?
  • How can social media be incorporated into research activities?
  • What does senior management expect from marketing analytics?
  • What are the dos and don’ts of Big Data?

More information available on the MSI website at