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Psychology & Marketing, 31(7)

Special Issue: Retail Atmospherics and In-Store Nonverbal Cues

Retail Atmospherics and In-Store Nonverbal Cues: An Introduction
Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen, Nancy M. Puccinelli and Charles Spence [Publisher]

Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective
Charles Spence, Nancy M. Puccinelli, Dhruv Grewal and Anne L. Roggeveen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Classical Music Relieve Math Anxiety? Role of Tempo on Price Computation Avoidance
Shan Feng, Rajneesh Suri and Monique Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It Takes Just 120 Seconds: Predicting Satisfaction in Technical Support Calls
Judith A. Hall, Phil Verghis, William Stockton and Jin X. Goh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Voice Quality on Ad Efficacy
Hillary J. D. Wiener and Tanya L. Chartrand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Response to Overstyling: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Product Design
Henrik Hagtvedt and Vanessa M. Patrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Ability and Nonverbal Communication
Blair Kidwell and Jonathan Hasford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping under the Influence: Nonverbal Appearance-Based Communicator Cues Affect Consumer Judgments
Nadia Y. Bashir and Nicholas O. Rule [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attractive Chameleons Sell: The Mimicry-Attractiveness Link
Wojciech Kulesza, Zofia Szypowska, Matthew S. Jarman and Dariusz Dolinski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]