TOC: J Con Cult


Journal of Consumer Culture, 14(2)

Sustainable community movement organisations
Francesca Forno and Paolo R Graziano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An emerging eco-habitus: The reconfiguration of high cultural capital practices among ethical consumers
Lindsey B Carfagna, Emilie A Dubois, Connor Fitzmaurice, Monique Y Ouimette, Juliet B Schor, Margaret Willis, and Thomas Laidley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The utopias of political consumerism: The search of alternatives to mass consumption
Sophie Bossy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Voluntary simplifiers as political consumers: Individuals practicing politics through reduced consumption
Einat Zamwel, Orna Sasson-Levy, and Guy Ben-Porat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Between shaming corporations and promoting alternatives: The politics of an ‘ethical shopping map’
Philip Balsiger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From grassroots to digital ties: A case study of a political consumerism movement
Paolo Parigi and Rachel Gong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The transition movement and food sovereignty: From local resilience to global engagement in food system transformation
Colin Sage [Publisher] [Google Scholar]