Revisit: Anatomy of Entrepreneurial Marketing


Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Marketing; Deadline 31 Aug 2014

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Marketing

“Anatomy of Entrepreneurial Marketing”


Contemporary marketing literature has undergone dramatic paradigm shifts in response to the challenges of marketplace changes such as, technology breakthroughs, marketplace turbulence, sophisticated and value-conscious customers. In this context, society and business face many challenges. Notably the notion of entrepreneurship and marketing are of central importance in contemporary business and social development. Yet despite the theoretical and managerial importance of these areas, our understanding is still limited and divergent regarding the nature of their intersection, their role and importance in management practice for both the customer and the firm and yet more importantly for society.

The purpose of this special issue is to bring together, on an international scale, research on entrepreneurial marketing in business. In particular, theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical research papers in any sector of business are invited on the following themes, but not limited to:

ü  Anatomy of entrepreneurial marketing from the views of multiple parties (e.g. the firm, the customer, third parties etc.)

ü  Entrepreneurial marketing and value creation and appropriation

ü  Creating and managing entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Social costs and benefits of entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Entrepreneurial marketing-driven processes in firms

ü  Competitive intensity and the role of entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Role of entrepreneurship and marketing in entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Managerial and cross-functional implications of entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Effectuation and entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Networks and entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Role of entrepreneurial marketing in wider entrepreneurial ecosystems

ü  Sustainability and entrepreneurial marketing

ü  Entrepreneurial marketing in non-profit organisations

ü  Entrepreneurial marketing in crisis situations (disasters, financial crisis, etc.)

The deadline for submission of papers is 31st August, 2014 and the publication date is Mid 2015.

Submissions should be sent electronically to the guest-editor of this special issue:


Aron O’Cass – Tasmanian School of Business &Economics (

            Sussie Morrish College of Business and Law, University of Canterbury



The format for submissions to the Journal of Strategic Marketing can be found at

Those with questions about the acceptability of proposed topics are urged to contact the guest-editors as soon as possible.

The aim of this special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing is to publish articles that enrich the practice of entrepreneurial marketing, while simultaneously making significant contributions to the advancement of theory and practice.