TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 21(4)

From endorsement to celebrity co-branding: Personality transfer
Laure Ambroise, Gaelle Pantin-Sohier, Pierre Valette-Florence and Noel Albert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A case for brands as assets: Acquired and internally developed
Roger Neville Sinclair and Kevin Lane Keller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending downward is not always bad: Parent brand evaluations after brand extension to higher and lower price and quality levels
Daniela Maria Goetz, Martin Fassnacht and Katia Rumpf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are food brands that carry light claims different?
Therese Sjostrom, Armando Maria Corsi, Carl Driesener and Polymeros Chrysochou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating consumer-brand relational authenticity
Jasmina Ilicic and Cynthia M Webster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]