TOC: J Mar Res


Journal of Marketing Research, 51(3)

Reviews Without a Purchase: Low Ratings, Loyal Customers, and Deception
Eric T. Anderson and Duncan I. Simester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Which Products Are Best Suited to Mobile Advertising? A Field Study of Mobile Display Advertising Effects on Consumer Attitudes and Intentions
Yakov Bart, Andrew T. Stephen, and Miklos Sarvary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Broadcasting and Narrowcasting: How Audience Size Affects What People Share
Alixandra Barasch and Jonah Berger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decomposing the Impact of Advertising: Augmenting Sales with Online Search Data
Ye Hu, Rex Yuxing Du, and Sina Damangir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Do Group Incentives for Salespeople Work?
Noah Lim and Hua Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

PIE: A Holistic Preference Concept and Measurement Model
Hye-Jin Kim, Young-Hoon Park, Eric T. Bradlow, and Min Ding [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopper Loyalty to Whom? Chain Versus Outlet Loyalty in the Context of Store Acquisitions
Arjen Van Lin and Els Gijsbrechts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authenticity Is Contagious: Brand Essence and the Original Source of Production
George E. Newman and Ravi Dhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]