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Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 8

Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Volume 8 Special Issue on
Tourists’ Perceptions and Assessments
Guest Editors: Arch Woodside and Metin Kozak

This volume advances theory on hospitality meanings from both conscious and unconscious processing of stimuli (sights, actions, consequences). It explains how seemingly trivial experiences can have big repercussions in hospitality. Expanding on John Urry’s grandmaster thesis, The Tourist Gaze, the volume proposes that assessments occur automatically with perceptions even when perceptions occur unconsciously. As well as a global review of the literature by Woodside and Metin, it includes highly-focused reports on the following topics: user-generated reviews in the hospitality industry; evaluation of the service performances; luxury tourists: celebrities’ perspectives; nontrivial behavioral implications of trivial design choices in travel websites; the role of social psychology in the tourism experience model (TEM); destination brand performance measurement over time; perceptions of hotel disintermediation: the French generation ‘Y’ case; constructing and shaping tourist experiences via travel blog engagement and more. The volume provides "reading assignments" for learning the nuances of perception and assessment processes by tourists.

Chapter Title and Authors

Chapter 1
Primer to Tourists’ Perceptions and Assessments including How-to-Build Formal, Implementable Models of the Tourist Gaze.
Arch Woodside, Metin Kozak

Chapter 2
Nationality Differences in User-Generated Reviews in the Hospitality Industry.
Maria D. Alvarez, Burçin Hatipoglu

Chapter 3
Evaluation of the Service Performance: Applications of the Zone of Tolerance with Importance-Performance Analysis.
Hwansuk Chris Choi, Woojin Lee, HeeKyung Sung, Chien-Fen Chui

Chapter 4
Luxury Tourists: Celebrities’ Perspectives.
Antónia Correia, Metin Kozak,Helena Reis

Chapter 5
Nontrivial Behavioral Implications of Trivial Design Choices in Travel Websites.
Eyal Ert

Chapter 6
The Role of Social Psychology in the Tourism Experience Model (TEM).
Juergen Gnoth

Chapter 7
Assessing National Destination-Branding Transformations: Theory and Application to Costa Rica’s Nature-Based and Medical Tourism Product-Services.
Rodrigo Murillo

Chapter 8
Destination Brand Performance Measurement over Time.
Steven Pike

Chapter 9
Perceptions of Hotel Disintermediation: The French Generation ‘Y’ Case.
Girish Prayag, Giacomo Del Chiappa

Chapter 10
Constructing and Shaping Tourist Experiences via Travel Blog Engagement.
Alia W. A. Rahman, Sangkyun Kim, Steve Brown

Chapter 11
Facilitators and Constraints in the Participation of Women in Golf.
Helena Reis, Antónia Correia

Chapter 12
Hospitality Meanings and Consequences among Hotels Employees and Guests.
Hamida Skandrani, Mariem Kamoun

Chapter 13
Reflections on Destination Positioning Analyses and Identifying Competitors.
Andreas H. Zins

ACTHR Book Series

ACTHR seeks to advance knowledge and sense-making skills in interpreting cultural, organizational, and personal influences relating to tourism and hospitality behaviors. This broad objective includes examining unconscious and conscious thinking processes of tourists, guests, and/or service providers in contexts that relate to tourism and hospitality. The series aims to be eclectic in providing both in-depth and holistic examinations of antecedents, process transformations, and immediate and long-range outcomes of contexts, thoughts, actions, behaviors, and interpretations relating to tourism and hospitality topics.

This volume will be published in August 2014

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