International Relationship Marketing


Relationship Marketing in an International Context, Special issue of Journal of International Marketing; Deadline 30 Jan 2015

Special Issue on Relationship Marketing in an International Context

Submission Deadline: January 30, 2015

Originally recognized in the 1990s, Relationship Marketing (RM) has experienced explosive growth in the past three decades both in business practice and as a focus of academic scholarship. A basic tenet of RM is that firms may create value, build competitive advantage, and successfully compete in the marketplace through developing long-term, cooperative relationships with selected key partners. RM has transformed the way in which business relationships are structured, managed, and evaluated and most research and practice assumes that, by virtue of RM efforts, positive relational outcomes will accrue to exchange partners. However, considerable empirical evidence and everyday business practice suggests that the effectiveness of RM efforts may vary depending on the specific RM strategy and exchange context.

In an international context, relationships transcend national boundaries and exchange parties may be located anywhere in the world. International markets are marked by different institutional environments and the existence of differences in cultural, social, economic, political, technological, and allied factors, along with the increased levels of turbulence and risk inherent in cross-border operations. Thus, it is erroneous to assume that the role, scope, and effectiveness of RM efforts in an international context may be essentially the same as in a domestic setting and there is need for research on how the additional ramifications of international marketing impact on the development and management of close cross-border buyer–seller relationships.

The purpose of the Special Issue is to bring together high quality contemporary research on the nature and effectiveness of international RM, contribute to the ongoing debate on the unique problems and challenges of practicing RM efforts across national boundaries, and serve as a reference guide for professionals and academics interested in RM in an international context.

Manuscripts may be conceptual or empirical. Literature review and meta-analytic studies are particularly welcome. Topics of interest may include but are not limited to:

  • Drivers and performance outcomes of relationship marketing strategies in international market operations
  • Resources and capabilities affecting relationship marketing in international exchange relationships
  • Relationship marketing and innovation in international operations
  • The role of institutional environments, culture, and psychic distance in influencing cross-border buyer–seller relationships
  • Relationship governance modes in international contexts
  • Relationship marketing and internationalization process and opportunities
  • Case studies of the challenges facing firms to design and implement relationship marketing strategies in international contexts
  • Relationship learning and knowledge transfer, sharing, and integration in international exchange relationships
  • The influence of technology and the internet on relationship marketing in international operations
  • Repairing strained relationships between international exchange partners
  • Dyads, triads, networks, and strategic alliances in international operations
  • Behavioral aspects of international buyer–seller relationships
  • Organizational factors and managerial characteristics influencing relationship marketing in international operations
  • Value creation and appropriation in international exchange relationships
  • Strategic orientations and relationship marketing in global markets

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