TOC: Intl J Inn Man


!International Journal of Innovation Management, 18(3)

Editorial: Eleventh Special Issue for The ISPIM — Innovation In The Asian Century
Joe Tidd, Eelko Huizingh, and Steffen Conn [Publisher]

Do Innovative Organisations Compete on Single Or Multiple Operational Capabilities?
Alka Ashwini Nand, Prakash J. Singh, and Ananya Bhattacharya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Integration In Mass Customisation: A Key To Corporate Success
Claudia Theilmann and Martin Hukauf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interdependence and Communication Between Technically Trained Managers and Marketing Managers During Innovation Projects
Graham R. Massey and Elias Kyriazis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Text Mining for Technology Roadmapping — The Strategic Value of Information
Victoria Kayser, Kerstin Goluchowicz, and Antje Bierwisch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Mediating Effect of Opportunity Recognition on Incubated — Entrepreneurial Innovation
Damrongrit Niammuad, Kulkanya Napompech, and Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disruption and Social Media — Entrant Firms As Institutional Entrepreneurs
Christofer Laurell and Christian Sandström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International Corporate Entrepreneurship with Born Global Spin-Along Ventures — A Cross-Case Analysis of Telekom Innovation Laboratories’ Venture Portfolio
Sarah Mahdjour and Sebastian Fischer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alliance Scope and Firm Performance In The Biotechnology Industry
Peter Smith, Lisa Callagher, and Xinlei Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]