Revisit: Luxury Fashion Branding


Emerald offers free access to the J Fashion Marketing and Management special issue on Luxury Fashion Branding; Deadline 4 Jun 2014

The luxury fashion industry has proved an enduring attraction to consumers over recent years. With the continually changing nature of consumer behaviour, and the growing influence of ethical and cultural factors, how can luxury fashion retailers continue to respond to an evolving market?

The Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (JFMM) has just published a second special issue on this topic, providing even more insightful research into the role of luxury fashion branding, including an informative case study of one luxury brand.

We are offering you special access to this issue until Wednesday 4 June 2014. The articles can be accessed here:

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Articles include:

The introduction to the special issue: Luxury fashion: Special Issue Part 2
Ian Phau, Min Teah, Steven Hayes

Am I worth it? Gifting myself with luxury
Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, Johanna Gummerus, Catharina von Koskull, Åke Finne, Anu Helkkula, Christian Kowalkowski, Anne Rindell

Making customer engagement fun: Customer–salesperson interaction in luxury fashion retailing
Jieun Kim, Jae-Eun Kim

Consumer-brand relationships in step-down line extensions of luxury and designer brands
Kamilla Hanslin, Anne Rindell

Exploring wool apparel consumers’ ethical concerns and preferences
Joanne Nicola Sneddon, Geoffrey N Soutar, Julie Ann Lee

Impacts of Country Images on Luxury Fashion Brand: Facilitating with the Brand Resonance Model
Hye Jung Jung, HaeJung Kim, Heesoon Yang, Yuri Lee

Organisation and supply chain for quality control in luxury companies
Alessandro Brun, Antonella Moretto

Management of a Luxury Brand: Dimensions and Sub-Variables from a Case Study of LVMH
RayeCarol Cavender, Doris H Kincade