TOC: J Strat Mar


Journal of Strategic Marketing, 22(3)

Nigel Piercy & Carolyn Strong [Publisher]

Value-creating mechanisms within the market orientation–performance relationship: a meta-analysis
James D. Doyle & Anahit Armenakyan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer’s relative loyalty: an empirical examination
Sanjit Kumar Roy & Gul T. Butaney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing customer citizenship behavior: a relationship perspective
M. S. Balaji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer choice in retail banking: are prices really relevant?
Ornella Ricci & Massimo Caratelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segmenting B2B technology markets via psychographics: an exploratory study
Art Weinstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sense of virtual community and perceived critical mass in online group buying
Weng Marc Lim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]