TOC: Ann Rev Poli Sci


Annual Review of Political Science, 17

Agent-Based Models
Scott de Marchi and Scott E. Page [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Microfoundations of the Rule of Law
Gillian K. Hadfield and Barry R. Weingast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Immigration into Europe: Economic Discrimination, Violence, and Public Policy
Rafaela M. Dancygier and David D. Laitin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Transparency Improve Governance?
Stephen Kosack and Archon Fung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why We Kill: The Political Science of Political Violence against Civilians
Benjamin A. Valentino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

State and Local Government Finance: The New Fiscal Ice Age
D. Roderick Kiewiet and Mathew D. McCubbins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Governance from the Outside In
Stephen D. Krasner and Jeremy M. Weinstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Military Rule
Barbara Geddes, Erica Frantz, and Joseph G. Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advancing the Empirical Research on Lobbying
John M. de Figueiredo and Brian Kelleher Richter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is There an Islamist Political Advantage?
Melani Cammett and Pauline Jones Luong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring Policy Positions in Political Space
Michael Laver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public Attitudes Toward Immigration
Jens Hainmueller and Daniel J. Hopkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inequality and Institutions: The Case of Economic Coordination
Pablo Beramendi and David Rueda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tribal-State Relations in the Anglosphere
Laura E. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reading, Writing, and the Regrettable Status of Education Research in Comparative Politics
Thomas Gift and Erik Wibbels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Democratic Authoritarianism: Origins and Effects
Dawn Brancati [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When and Why Minority Legislators Matter
John D. Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

State Transformations in OECD Countries
Philipp Genschel and Bernhard Zangl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Field Experimental Work on Political Institutions
Christian R. Grose [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reputation and Status as Motives for War
Allan Dafoe, Jonathan Renshon, and Paul Huth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Political Economy of Development in China and Vietnam
Edmund Malesky and Jonathan London [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Context, Electoral Rules, and Party Systems
Karen E. Ferree, G. Bingham Powell, and Ethan Scheiner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Boundaries of American Identity: Evolving Understandings of “Us”
Deborah J. Schildkraut [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional Dynamics and American Political Development
Adam Sheingate [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Effects of International Migration
Devesh Kapur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]