TOC: Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 31(3)

The role of psychic distance in international trade: a longitudinal analysis
Lars Håkanson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resource scavenging: Another dimension of the internationalisation pattern of high-tech SMEs
Lisa Jane Hewerdine, Maria Rumyantseva, Catherine Welch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer relationship challenges following international acquisitions
Christina Öberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proximal and distal influences on project creativity in international marketing teams
Taewon Suh, Vishag Badrinarayanan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing process adaptation: Antecedent factors and new product performance implications in export markets
David A. Griffith, Hannah S. Lee, Chang Seob Yeo, Roger Calantone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]