TOC: Psych Bull


Psychological Bulletin, 140(3)

The predictive validity of ideal partner preferences: A review and meta-analysis.
Eastwick, Paul W.; Luchies, Laura B.; Finkel, Eli J.; Hunt, Lucy L.

On the proper functions of human mate preference adaptations: Comment on Eastwick, Luchies, Finkel, and Hunt (2014).
Schmitt, David P.

The many voices of Darwin’s descendants: Reply to Schmitt (2014).
Eastwick, Paul W.; Luchies, Laura B.; Finkel, Eli J.; Hunt, Lucy L.

A review of current evidence for the causal impact of attentional bias on fear and anxiety.
Van Bockstaele, Bram; Verschuere, Bruno; Tibboel, Helen; De Houwer, Jan; Crombez, Geert; Koster, Ernst H. W.

Maternal personality and psychopathology as determinants of parenting behavior: A quantitative integration of two parenting literatures.
McCabe, Jennifer E.

The (non)relation between empathy and aggression: Surprising results from a meta-analysis.
Vachon, David D.; Lynam, Donald R.; Johnson, Jarrod A.

From stress to inflammation and major depressive disorder: A social signal transduction theory of depression.
Slavich, George M.; Irwin, Michael R.

Comorbidity of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents: 20 years after.
Cummings, Colleen M.; Caporino, Nicole E.; Kendall, Philip C.

The pains and pleasures of parenting: When, why, and how is parenthood associated with more or less well-being?
Nelson, S. Katherine; Kushlev, Kostadin; Lyubomirsky, Sonja

The trauma model of dissociation: Inconvenient truths and stubborn fictions. Comment on Dalenberg et al. (2012).
Lynn, Steven Jay; Lilienfeld, Scott O.; Merckelbach, Harald; Giesbrecht, Timo; McNally, Richard J.; Loftus, Elizabeth F.; Bruck, Maggie; Garry, Maryanne; Malaktaris, Anne

Reality versus fantasy: Reply to Lynn et al. (2014).
Dalenberg, Constance J.; Brand, Bethany L.; Loewenstein, Richard J.; Gleaves, David H.; Dorahy, Martin J.; Cardeña, Etzel; Frewen, Paul A.; Carlson, Eve B.; Spiegel, David