TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 106(5)

Toward a greater understanding of the emotional dynamics of the mortality salience manipulation: Revisiting the ?affect-free? claim of terror management research.

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The college journey and academic engagement: How metaphor use enhances identity-based motivation.

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Approach aversion: Negative hedonic reactions toward approaching stimuli.

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Contemplating the ultimate sacrifice: Identity fusion channels pro-group affect, cognition, and moral decision making.

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Relational mate value: Consensus and uniqueness in romantic evaluations.

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Responses to social exclusion in cultural context: Evidence from farming and herding communities.

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The devil is in the details: Abstract versus concrete construals of multiculturalism differentially impact intergroup relations.

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Moral actor, selfish agent.

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To have or to learn? The effects of materialism on British and Chinese children?s learning.

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When sex goes wrong: A behavioral systems perspective on individual differences in sexual attitudes, motives, feelings, and behaviors.

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Influences of gender identity on children?s maltreatment of gender-nonconforming peers: A person ? target analysis of aggression.

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