TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 57(2)

Big Data and Management
Gerard George, Martine R. Haas, and Alex Pentland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Riddle of Heterarchy: Power Transitions in Cross-Functional Teams
Federico Aime, Stephen Humphrey, D. Scott DeRue, and Jeffrey B. Paul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Social Context on the Relationship Between Individual Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism: The Roles of Different Foci of Job Satisfaction and Work-Unit Absenteeism
Stefan Diestel, Jurgen Wegge, and Klaus-Helmut Schmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Are Job Seekers Attracted by Corporate Social Performance? Experimental and Field Tests of Three Signal-Based Mechanisms
David A. Jones, Chelsea R. Willness, and Sarah Madey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lunch Breaks Unpacked: The Role of Autonomy as a Moderator of Recovery during Lunch
John P. Trougakos, Ivona Hideg, Bonnie Hayden Cheng, and Daniel J. Beal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reputation and Decision Making under Ambiguity: A Study of U.S. Venture Capital Firms’ Investments in the Emerging Clean Energy Sector
Antoaneta P. Petkova, Anu Wadhwa, Xin Yao, and Sanjay Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Research Forum: Relational Pluralism of Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Relational Pluralism Within and Between Organizations
Andrew Shipilov, Ranjay Gulati, Martin Kilduff, Stan Li, and Wenpin Tsai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational Pluralism in De Novo Organizations: Boards of Directors as Bridges or Barriers to Diverse Alliance Portfolios?
Christine M. Beckman, Claudia Bird Schoonhoven, Renee M. Rottner, and Sang-Joon Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Networks, Collaboration Networks, and Exploratory Innovation
Chunlei Wang, Simon Rodan, Mark Fruin, and Xiaoyan Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Ties Really Bind? The Effect of Knowledge and Commercialization Networks on Opposition to Standards
Ram Ranganathan and Lori Rosenkopf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Turnkey or Tailored? Relational Pluralism, Institutional Complexity, and the Organizational Adoption of More or Less Customized Practices
Ryan Raffaelli and Mary Ann Glynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Executive Departures Without Client Losses: The Role of Multiplex Ties in Exchange Partner Retention
Michelle Rogan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Friends and Foes: The Dynamics of Dual Social Structures
Maxim Sytch and Adam Tatarynowicz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]