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Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition), 28(4)

Lead-users in marketing: Questions and new psychometric contributions
Eric Vernette, Amina Béji-Bécheur, Mathilde Gollety, and Linda Hamdi-Kidar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sponsor memorization: The influence of sponsorship congruence re-examined from an encoding flexibility perspective
Olivier Trendel and Luk Warlop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Giving in consumer research and marketing: A state of the art
Marine Le Gall-Ely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales force control system: Review and perspectives
Said Echchakoui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From the Odyssey to the Iliad: Stratagems and practical skills in market-oriented ethnography
Philippe Robert-Demontrond, Anne Joyeau, Vanessa Beaudouin, Amélie Bellion, and Laure Sugier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]