TOC: J Computer-Mediated Comm


Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(3)

Construction of Values in Online and Offline Dating Discourses: Comparing Presentational and Articulated Rhetorics of Relationship Seeking
Jimmie Manning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Discrediting in a Message Board Forum: The Effects of Social Support and Attacks on Expertise and Trustworthiness
Michael G. Hughes, Jennifer A. Griffith, Thomas A. Zeni, Matthew L. Arsenault, Olivia D. Cooper, Genevieve Johnson, Jay H. Hardy, Shane Connelly and Michael D. Mumford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending the Similarity-Attraction Effect: The Effects of When-Similarity in Computer-Mediated Communication
Maurits Kaptein, Deonne Castaneda, Nicole Fernandez and Clifford Nass [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More Than Friends: Popularity on Facebook and its Role in Impression Formation
Graham G Scott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The “Nasty Effect:” Online Incivility and Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies
Ashley A. Anderson, Dominique Brossard, Dietram A. Scheufele, Michael A. Xenos and Peter Ladwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individual Differences as Predictors of Social Networking
Lisa J. Orchard, Chris Fullwood, Niall Galbraith and Neil Morris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facebook, the Third-Person Effect, and the Differential Impact Hypothesis
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Digital Mediation of Politics and Activism

A New Space for Political Behavior: Political Social Networking and its Democratic Consequences
Leticia Bode, Emily K. Vraga, Porismita Borah and Dhavan V. Shah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More Harm Than Good? Online Media Use and Political Disaffection Among College Students in the 2008 Election
Masahiro Yamamoto and Matthew J. Kushin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Expectations and Experiences With MyLabourParty: From Right to Know to Right to Participate?
Marika Lüders, Asbjørn Følstad and Espen Waldal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will the Revolution be Tweeted or Facebooked? Using Digital Communication Tools in Immigrant Activism
Summer Harlow and Lei Guo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sourcing the Arab Spring: A Case Study of Andy Carvin’s Sources on Twitter During the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions
Alfred Hermida, Seth C. Lewis and Rodrigo Zamith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Uniting Political Bloggers in Diversity: Collective Identity and Web Activism
Carol Soon and Randy Kluver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital Content Creation and Consumption: Patterns and Inequalities

eHealth and Health Literacy: A Research Methodology Review
Michael Mackert, Sara E. Champlin, Avery Holton, Isaac I. Muñoz and Manuel José Damásio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtual Customer Service Agents: Using Social Presence and Personalization to Shape Online Service Encounters
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An Analysis of Language in University Students’ Text Messages
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Channeling Science Information Seekers’ Attention? A Content Analysis of Top-Ranked vs. Lower-Ranked Sites in Google
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The Hyperlinked World: A Look at How the Interactions of News Frames and Hyperlinks Influence News Credibility and Willingness to Seek Information
Porismita Borah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are We All Online Content Creators Now? Web 2.0 and Digital Divides
David R. Brake [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facebook Use by Persons with Disabilities
Carmit-Noa Shpigelman and Carol J. Gill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Discursive Equality and Everyday Talk Online: The Impact of “Superparticipants”
Todd Graham and Scott Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Shot Heard Around the World Wide Web: Who Heard What Where About Osama bin Laden’s Death
Barbara K. Kaye and Thomas J. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From SMS to Smartphones: Tracing the Impact of the Mobile Phone in Asia – Special Section edited by Sun Sun Lim and Gerard Goggin – Introduction to the Special Section

Mobile Communication in Asia: Issues and Imperatives
Sun Sun Lim and Gerard Goggin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Smartphones as Polymedia
Mirca Madianou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tele-Cocooning: Mobile Texting and Social Scope
Tetsuro Kobayashi and Jeffrey Boase [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating Modern-Day Talaria: Mobile Phones and the Mobility-Impaired in Singapore
Arul Chib and Qiaolei Jiang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Digital Divide Objectified in the Design: Use of the Mobile Telephone by Underprivileged Youth in Sri Lanka
Dinuka Wijetunga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]