TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 79(2)

Hierarchical Approximate Bayesian Computation
Brandon M. Turner & Trisha Zandt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyses of Model Fit and Robustness. A New Look at the PISA Scaling Model Underlying Ranking of Countries According to Reading Literacy
Svend Kreiner & Karl Bang Christensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Matrices and Standard Errors for MLEs of Item Parameters in IRT
Ke-Hai Yuan, Ying Cheng & Jeff Patton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Speeded Item Response Model: Leave the Harder till Later
Yu-Wei Chang, Rung-Ching Tsai & Nan-Jung Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Hierarchical Multivariate Formulation with Factor Analysis for Nested Ordinal Data
Terrance D. Savitsky & Daniel F. McCaffrey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Inequality for Correlations in Unidimensional Monotone Latent Variable Models for Binary Variables
Jules L. Ellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hierarchical Diagnostic Classification Models: A Family of Models for Estimating and Testing Attribute Hierarchies
Jonathan Templin & Laine Bradshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hierarchical Diagnostic Classification Models Morphing into Unidimensional ‘Diagnostic’ Classification Models—A Commentary
Matthias Davier & Shelby J. Haberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use and Misuse of Psychometric Models
Jonathan Templin & Laine Bradshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]