TOC: Intl J Emerging Markets


International Journal of Emerging Markets, 9(2)

A Review of Institutional Influences on the Rise of Made-in-China Multinationals
Xiaohua Yang, Clyde D. Stoltenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do Chinese Multinationals Perceive Factors Affecting the Integration-Responsiveness Framework?
Di Fan, Cherrie Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese Multinationals and Public Policy
Alan M Rugman, Quyen T.K. Nguyen, Ziyi Wei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diplomacy and Investment – The Case of China
Jianhong Zhang, Jiangang Jiang, Chaohong Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reregulation of China’s Rare Earth Production and Export
Yujia He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Chinese Investment Affect Sub-Saharan African Growth?
Jian Zhang, Yanan Chen, Ilan Alon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

China’s Rare Earth Sector – Between Domestic Consolidation and Global Hegemony
Reinhard Peter Biedermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

China’s Government Procurement Negotiations with WTO Members in the Electric Energy Sector: A Suggested Theoretical Model
Stephane Coude [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Convergence of Corporate Governance Practices in Emerging Markets
Christoph Lattemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Attractiveness of Emerging Market MNCs as Employers of European and American Talent Workers: A Multicultural Study
Terry Dean Alkire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]