TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 23(3)

Measures of strategic alliance performance, classified and assessed
Jeppe Christoffersen, Thomas Plenborg, Matthew J. Robson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Microfoundations for learning within international joint ventures
Jeong-Yang Park, Simon Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subsidiary autonomy and performance in Japanese multinationals in Europe
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FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: A longitudinal perspective on location-specific factors (2003–2010)
Frank L. Bartels, Francesco Napolitano, Nicola E. Tissi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unpacking the “skill – cross-cultural competence” mechanisms: Empirical evidence from Chinese expatriate managers
Dan Wang, Taiwen Feng, Susan Freeman, Di Fan, Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local and international knowledge search and product innovation: The moderating role of technology boundary spanning
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Spillovers through backward linkages and the export performance of business services. Evidence from a sample of Italian firms
Giuliano Conti, Alessia Lo Turco, Daniela Maggioni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The nexus between competition and efficiency: The European banking industries experience
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International purchasing offices in China: A dynamic evolution model
Fu Jia, Richard Lamming, Marco Sartor, Guido Orzes, Guido Nassimbeni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Process and intensity of internationalization of IT firms – Evidence from India
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Foreign direct investment in emerging markets and acquirers’ value gains
Leonidas Barbopoulos, Andrew Marshall, Cameron MacInnes, Patrick McColgan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A race to lower standards? Labor standards and location choice of outward FDI from the BRIC countries
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‘Expect the unexpected’: Implications of effectual logic on the internationalization process
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The effect of foreign trade and investment liberalization on spatial concentration of economic activity
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Unbundling the differences between Psychic and Cultural Distan An empirical examination of the existing measures
Anthi Avloniti, Fragkiskos Filippaios [Publisher] [Google Scholar]