TOC: J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 25(2)

The road back to relevance: How to put marketing (and marketing scholars) back on the Top Managements’ agendas
Philipp Klaus, Bo Edvardsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of marketing in today’s enterprises
Jochen Wirtz, Sven Tuzovic, Volker G. Kuppelwieser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting in with the “In” crowd: how to put marketing back on the CEO’s agenda
Philipp Klaus, Bo Edvardsson, Timothy L. Keiningham, Thorsten Gruber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing superior value propositions: a strategic marketing imperative
Adrian Payne, Pennie Frow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinventing marketing strategy by recasting supplier/customer roles
Evert Gummesson, Hannu Kuusela, Elina Närvänen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The mental footprint of marketing in the boardroom
Tore Strandvik, Maria Holmlund, Christian Grönroos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Small details that make big differences: A radical approach to consumption experience as a firm’s differentiating strategy
Ruth N. Bolton, Anders Gustafsson, Janet McColl-Kennedy, Nancy J. Sirianni, David K. Tse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of coordinated marketing-operations strategy in services: Implications for managerial decisions and execution
Michael Dixon, Ekaterina V. Karniouchina, Bo van der Rhee, Rohit Verma, Liana Victorino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]