TOC: Mar Sci


Marketing Science, 33(2)

Editorial—Report of the Marketing Science Editorial Review Committee
Peter S. Fader, Bart J. Bronnenberg, Ganesh Iyer, Scott A. Neslin, Oded Netzer, Kannan Srinivasan [Publisher]

Editorial—New Editorial Structure for Marketing Science
Preyas S. Desai, Fred Feinberg, Ganesh Iyer, K. Sudhir, Russ Winer [Publisher]

Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans
Doug J. Chung, Thomas Steenburgh, K. Sudhir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Model Selection Using Database Characteristics: Developing a Classification Tree for Longitudinal Incidence Data
Eric M. Schwartz, Eric T. Bradlow, Peter S. Fader [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Service Revolution and the Transformation of Marketing Science
Roland T. Rust, Ming-Hui Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyzing Moment-to-Moment Data Using a Bayesian Functional Linear Model: Application to TV Show Pilot Testing
Sam K. Hui, Tom Meyvis, Henry Assael [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Relationship Between the Content of Online Word of Mouth, Advertising, and Brand Performance
Shyam Gopinath, Jacquelyn S. Thomas, Lakshman Krishnamurthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Equivalence of Bundling and Advance Sales
Alexei Alexandrov, Özlem Bedre-Defolie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Multiactivity Latent Attrition Model for Customer Base Analysis
David A. Schweidel, Young-Hoon Park, Zainab Jamal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

McDonald’s and KFC in China: Competitors or Companions?
Qiaowei Shen, Ping Xiao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]