TOC: J Service Res


Journal of Service Research, 17(2)

Can Friends Also Become Customers? The Impact of Employee Referral Programs on Referral Likelihood
Daniel Wentzel, Torsten Tomczak, and Sven Henkel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When the Recipe Is More Important Than the Ingredients: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) of Service Innovation Configurations
Andrea Ordanini, A. Parasuraman, and Gaia Rubera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Service Guarantees Guarantee Greater Market Value?
Jeffrey Meyer, Dwayne D. Gremler, and Jens Hogreve [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Drivers and Performance Implications of Boundary Spanner Creativity
Raj Agnihotri, Adam A. Rapp, James ‘Mick’ Andzulis, and Colin B. Gabler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Achieving the Dual Goal of Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency in Mergers Affects a Firm?s Long-Term Financial Performance
Vanitha Swaminathan, Christopher Groening, Vikas Mittal, and Felipe Thomaz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying Appropriate Compensation Types for Service Failures: A Meta-Analytic and Experimental Analysis
Holger Roschk and Katja Gelbrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are We Aligned… Enough? The Effects of Perceptual Congruence Between Service Teams and Their Leaders on Team Performance
Alexander Benlian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trading Effort for Money: Consumers? Cocreation Motivation and the Pricing of Service Options
Lan Xia and Rajneesh Suri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]