TOC: J Direct Data Digital Mar Prac


Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 15(3)

Mike Cornwell [Publisher]

Demographic differences in recall and recognition rates of in-game advertisements
Chee Yong Toh and Ho Keat Leng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The insider threat to data assets
Peter Galdies [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Guest Editorial
Paul Berney [Publisher]

Marketing in a mobile-first world: Tackling the why and the how
Aditya Save [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The consumer data revolution: The reshaping of industry competition and a new perspective on privacy
Michael J Becker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monitoring mobile app performance
Peggy Anne Salz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Apple iBeacon technology briefing
Nic Newman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decca tests contextual mobile marketing
David Sear [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail showrooms, mobile sales
Bob Willmott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

One step forward, two steps back for EU data reforms
Stephen Groom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New guidance on cookie consent laws
Sue Gold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flogas Britain v Calor Gas
Anna Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

DMA pushes back on ICO direct marketing guidance
James Milligan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will cookie alternatives sidestep privacy laws?
Mark Webber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

German federal court rules against ‘tell-a-friend’
Ulrich Baumgartner and Johannes Baumann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

MRS conference review: Tracking a decade of changing Britain
Barry Leventhal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]