TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 67(6)

Why the self-employed are happier: Evidence from 25 European countries
Stefan Schneck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the role of alliance management capability, organizational compatibility, and interaction quality in interorganizational technology transfer
Alexander Leischnig, Anja Geigenmueller, Stefanie Lohmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of the black-box supplier integration in new product development
Yushan Zhao, Erin Cavusgil, S. Tamer Cavusgil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New product portfolio performance in family firms
Nils D. Kraiczy, Andreas Hack, Franz W. Kellermanns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing experiences strategically
Enrique Alcántara, Miguel A. Artacho, Natividad Martínez, Tomás Zamora [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The inception of internationalization of small and medium enterprises: The role of activeness and networks
Luciano Ciravegna, Sara B. Majano, Ge Zhan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring consumer-based brand authenticity
Julie Napoli, Sonia J. Dickinson, Michael B. Beverland, Francis Farrelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do XBRL filings enhance informational efficiency? Early evidence from post-earnings announcement drift
Jap Efendi, Jin Dong Park, L. Murphy Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The double-edged sword: The positive and negative effects of switching costs on customer exit and revenge
Narjes Haj-Salem, Jean-Charles Chebat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How price complexity takes its toll: The neglected role of a simplicity bias and fairness in price evaluations
Christian Homburg, Dirk Totzek, Melanie Krämer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply chain disruption management: Global convergence vs national specificity
Elena Revilla, María Jesús Sáenz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hair-brained or great-hair business?Assessing alternative markets and product-service designs for successful startups by small-retail entrepreneurs
Linda Jane Coleman, Pei-Ling Wu, Raminder Luther [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From conflict to crisis in collaborative NPD
Patrick Lynch, Thomas O’Toole, Wim Biemans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advancing the aesthetic middle principle: Trade-offs in design attractiveness and strength
Joan L. Giese, Keven Malkewitz, Ulrich R. Orth, Pamela W. Henderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of social justice and stigma-consciousness on gay customers’ service recovery evaluation
Heejung Ro, Eric D. Olson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does CEO transformational leadership influence top executive normative commitment?
Ilhami Yucel, Amy McMillan, Orlando C. Richard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological opportunism effects on IT adoption, intra-firm diffusion and performan Evidence from the U.S. and Spain
Laura Lucia-Palacios, Victoria Bordonaba-Juste, Yolanda Polo-Redondo, Marko Grünhagen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating agency and resource dependence theory: Firm profitability, industry regulation, and board task performance
Amedeo Pugliese, Alessandro Minichilli, Alessandro Zattoni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media technology usage and customer relationship performan A capabilities-based examination of social CRM
Kevin J. Trainor, James (Mick) Andzulis, Adam Rapp, Raj Agnihotri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health-related ad information and health motivation effects on product evaluations
Polymeros Chrysochou, Klaus G. Grunert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing a multidimensional scale of customer-oriented deviance (COD)
Cheryl Leo, Rebekah Russell-Bennett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using diffusion models to forecast market size in emerging markets with applications to the Chinese car market
Lixian Qian, Didier Soopramanien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivating industrial salesforce with sales control systems: An interactive perspective
C. Fred Miao, Kenneth R. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moderators on international diversification of advanced emerging market firms
Huei-Ting Tsai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring firm performan Bayesian estimates with good and bad outputs
A. George Assaf, Alexander Josiassen, David Gillen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender disparity in job satisfaction of Western versus Asian managers
Anusorn Singhapakdi, M. Joseph Sirgy, Dong-Jin Lee, Kalayanee Senasu, Grace B. Yu, Amiee Mellon Nisius [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Draining the judiciary bottleneck: A quasi-experiment in improving a government service
Roy Zuniga, Rodrigo Murillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Systematic combining”—A decade later
Anna Dubois, Lars-Erik Gadde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Configurational paths to organizational innovation: qualitative comparative analyses of antecedents and contingencies
Alois Ganter, Achim Hecker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Allocating a hybrid retailer’s assortment across retail stores: Bricks-and-mortar vs online
Amit Bhatnagar, Siddhartha S. Syam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does telic/paratelic user mode matter on the effectiveness of interactive internet advertising? A reversal theory perspective
Jae Min Jung, Hang Chu (“Michel”) Hui, Kyeong Sam Min, Drew Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]