TOC: Acad Mar Studies J


Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 17(1)

Motivations and Socio-Demographic Characteristis of Safari Hunters: A South African Perspective
Laetitia Radder, Attilia Mulder, Xiliang Han

Improving Price Performance When Demand Elasticity is Difficult to Establish
James Hamister, Pratik Parikh

The Marketing Environment: A New Paradigm
Ralph W. Jackson, Charles M. Wood

The Ethical Implications of Publisher’s Accelerated Revisions to Introductory Business Textbooks
Brian A. Zinser, Gary J. Brunswick, Irvin A. Zaenglein

Is the Electronic Word of Mouth Effect Always Positive on the Movie?
Jungho Bae, Byung-Do Kim

From Political Cynics to Loyal Partisan Rebels: The Syrian Case
Asaad H. Almohammad, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Mahmod Sabri Haron

Students Perception of Qualifications for Successful Social Media Coordinator
Ojoung Kwon, Daihwan Min, Susan Geringer, Sang-Kyu Lim

Consumers’ Intention to Use Self-Scanning Technology: The Role of Technology Readiness and Perceptions Toward Self-Service Technology
Kevin M. Elliot, Mark C. Hall, Juan (Gloria) Meng

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