TOC: European Man J


European Management Journal, 32(2)

Counter-knowledge and realised absorptive capacity
Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro, Stephen Eldridge, Anthony K.P. Wensley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the link between human resource practices and turnover in multi-brand companies: The role of brand units’ images
Barbara Slavich, Rossella Cappetta, Antonio Giangreco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A specific knowledge culture: Cultural antecedents for knowledge sharing between project teams
Julia Mueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The challenge of introducing low-carbon industrial practices: Institutional entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector
Herman I. Stål, Karl J. Bonnedahl, Jessica Eriksson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the effects of ‘big brother’ in a workpla The case of WAST
Sam Sarpong, Donna Rees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effective governance in nonprofit organizations: A literature based multiple stakeholder approach
Lore Wellens, Marc Jegers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring intellectual capital with financial figures: Can we predict firm profitability?
Renato Sydler, Stefan Haefliger, Robert Pruksa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consummate cooperation in the network-firm: Theoretical insights and empirical findings
Virgile Chassagnon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking corporate social responsibility to firm default risk
Wenbin Sun, Kexiu Cui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Success factors for sourcing teams: How to foster sourcing team effectiveness
Boudewijn A. Driedonks, Josette M.P. Gevers, Arjan J. van Weele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The mediating role of organizational capabilities in the relationship between middle managers’ involvement and firm performan A European study
Mohamed Laid Ouakouak, Noufou Ouedraogo, Ababacar Mbengue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Udinese Calcio soccer club as a talents factory: Strategic agility, diverging objectives, and resource constraints
Alberto Di Minin, Federico Frattini, Mattia Bianchi, Guido Bortoluzzi, Andrea Piccaluga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alliance dynamics through real options: The case of an alliance between competing pharmaceutical companies
Céline Bérard, Marie Perez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impediments to customer integration into the innovation process: A case study in the telecommunications industry
Mario Schaarschmidt, Thomas Kilian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lending decision making in banks: A critical incident study of loan officers
Carl-Christian Trönnberg, Sven Hemlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]